Papresa sponsors the XLIII Subida a Jaizkibel

One more year, Papresa will be joining the XLIII Subida al Jaizkibel, becoming a proud sponsor. Next Saturday, 10th July, there will take place the administrative and technical verifications between 16:15 and 19:30h at our lorry loading zone. This space has been granted, year after year, to the organiser, and it allows the fans to watch the participant cars closely from the Errenteria Boulevard. Nine days later, on the 19th and 20th July, the race will occur, which is part of the Basque Mountain Championship.

At Papresa, we are compromised with the community. Therefore, we support different sports initiatives around the city because we believe it is a strong and cohesive element.

This race is one of the most loved and known among motorsports fans. The RAC Vasco Navarro (RACVN) was the first organiser in 1967, and they kept organising it since then. During the 80s, the race got in the National Mountain Championship. Years later, and during nine years, it also took part in the European Mountain Championship, although it is not part of it since 2000.

This race is fascinating. It follows a European draw, with more than 5 kilometres of steady rise full of turns, that runs along the foot of Mount Jaizkibel, between Lezo and Pasajes San Juan. The current record was fixed in 2’21,456” by Joseba Iraola, with a Norma M20 in 2018.

You can watch a video of what happened las year. Are you coming this year?