Spanish Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers.

Cluster del Papel

Euskadi Paper Cluster Association.

Euro Graph

European Association of Graphic Paper Producers.


Confederation of European Paper Industries.


RISI is the best placed and most highly-authorised world source of information and data on forestry products.

Sustainability and the environment


A communications plants established in Spain by the associations in the paper chain to inform the general public of the different aspects relating to the paper cycle.

El papel te da vida

An initiative by the Euskadi Paper Cluster Association and supported by other organisations to broadcast its messages to the general public.


Spanish Association of Paper and Cardboard Recoverers and Recyclers, which represents and defends the interests of companies in the sector.

Other links

Kukai Dantza Video

Kukai Dantza recorded the promotional video for its work “Gelajauziak” in our plant, which won it the Max award in 2015 for the best dance performance.

Vídeo cadenas de reciclaje

The third part of the series of reports “Recycling Chains” showed the process for recycling paper and cardboard.

Content of interest

16 verdades sobre el papel (Gracias Papel)

The myths about paper have taken a firm hold in our collective imagination and we repeat them without even bothering about comparing them with actual data. This is precisely the goal of this document: to challenge the myth with data to learn about what paper actually is and what it is not. Content in spanish.

The History of the Paper Mill in Rentería Through its Land (1890-2015) (Errenteria Council)

An article that tells the History of the Paper Mill from its beginnings until 2015. Content in spanish.