We do not talk about sustainability. We are sustainable.

Papresa has a clear commitment to long-term sustainability and respect for the environment. This commitment starts at the very core of our work, our raw material: we work entirely with recovered paper. We do not use wood as a raw materials or chlorine in the transformation process.

We use this paper obtained from selective collection to produce up to 400,000 tonnes of newsprint and wrapping paper a year. We have one of the most technological advanced paper machines for this purpose, and we use water and energy resources optimally.

As well as working with recovered material, we have a strict Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that enables us to continuous improve in this area.

This is what is expected to be conveyed by this Environmental Statement. It is an environmental declaration of annual renewal and the published data is audited, yearly, by the accredited entity.

Proof of all our efforts in sustainability are the following certificates that we have been granted by accredited external auditors:

Quality Management: ISO 9001
Environmental Management: ISO 14001
Environmental Management: EMAS (EU) 2018/2026
Energy Management: ISO 50001
Chain of Custody: FSC®
Chain of Custody: PEFC®