Papresa is turned into a Pit-Box for a day

Last 10th July, the loading and unloading area of Papresa was turned into a Pit-Box for a day. Due to the LXIII Subida a Jaizkibel race, Papresa offered the organising committee the possibility to use our spaces to do the administrative and technical verifications for all participating cars. Now, we want to share with you some of the pictures we took.

It has been a great opportunity to participate in one of the most beloved activities in our cities. We are thrilled that the organisers, the Escudería Jaizkibel, the RAC Vasco-Navarro and the Federación Vasca del Automovilismo, have accepted our collaboration. It has been a privilege to be again in the first row.

Xabier Arzamendi, Sports Director of RAC Gipuzkoa (in red), María Sánchez, Commercial Director of RAC Gipuzkoa, next to Iñaki Sánchez, our director, moments before the event.

We hope we will host the Jaizkibel racers again for many years. We leave you with a small taste of all we lived and seen the evening of the 10th July at Papresa.