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Committed to
the environment

Superposición estática

We produce up to 400,000 tons
newsprint and packaging paper per year

Gamas AIA Print - AIA Nature

Our range of solutions for the press, advertising and graphic arts. High quality, 100% recycled fibre newsprint, with excellent runnability and great printability.

Our range of solutions for the packaging.
High quality Packaging papers 100% recycled fibers made in light grammages and high performace.

Superposición estática

We are sustainable:
Optimal use of both water and energy resources

Superposición estática

We work 100%
with recovered paper

Superposición estática

535 cm
maximum width

About us

The new Papresa. It is more than an evolution, it’s a revolution. New products, more sustainability, more development… Join us on our trip.


Did you know that we do not use wood to make our products at Papresa?
Find out about our environmental commitment

Action, not words

Some of our data

1,000 t

of paper per day

535 cm

maximum width

72,246 m²

total surface area


recovered paper


Papresa forms part of its region, and we play an active role in our community in an attempt to strengthen the bond and give back to society everything it gives us.