New installation of OCC pulp preparation equipment

As part of Papresa’s Investment Plan, the new equipment has been installed in the new OCC pulp preparation plant to achieve better results in our packaging paper products. In this plant, we process recovered cardboard, which will then be converted into packaging cardboard ready to be used by industry and commerce.

Among all the improvements we have carried out, we have installed a new feeding system and a new pulper with an automatic wire cutter. In addition, the rejected treatment equipment includes rejected cleaning equipment, which will allow us to minimise the content of rejected fibre.

Nueva instalación de equipos de preparación de pasta OCC - Papresa

Thanks to this new equipment, we can optimise the raw material treatment process and reduce the amount of rejected fibre in the pulp preparation process as much as possible.

This project of reconversion and improvement of our facilities is a strategic milestone for the future of Papresa. It has been co-financed by the Basque Government, within the “Programme of Subsidies to companies for investments aimed at protecting the Environment”, under the title of “New equipment for the OCC plant in Papresa”.