We are starting up the project for the new water treatment plant

At Papresa, we are committed to the environment and reducing our plant’s carbon footprint in Errenteria. That is why, for over a year now, we have started a series of improvements and changes in our factory with this objective in mind.

Around two years ago, a study was carried out that allowed us to define the best technology and the necessary changes to ensure that the water we use at Papresa to manufacture newsprint and packaging paper is returned to nature as clean as possible.

To do this, we have decided to build an anaerobic reactor that will allow us to reduce the organic load of the discharge. Our goal with this technology is to remove 80% of the organic pollutant load from the water we discharge.

We are aware that, with the increase in production that we will reach thanks to the improvements implemented in our newsprint and packaging paper production area, the pollutant load will also increase. Therefore, the construction of an anaerobic biological treatment system is indispensable.

With this new anaerobic treatment system, we will also produce green biogas that will be reused in a boiler dedicated to producing steam for the mill. We will reduce the carbon footprint of our activity.