ISO certification to achieve the best results

At Papresa, we take the sustainability of our processes very seriously to achieve the best results in our products and reduce their impact on the environment.

For this reason, we have several international certifications that have helped us to implement measures and processes along the entire production chain to achieve this impact.

On the one hand, we have ISO 9001 on quality management. This internationally recognised standard provides the basis for developing effective processes that result in optimal products and services that meet customer requirements. At Papresa, we have this certification and a strict Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that allows us to improve our business and environmental performance continuously.

This certification guarantees the highest quality at all critical points of the production process and achieves the best results. Adapting the production flow and our staff training allows us to offer high-quality products to all our customers.

On the other hand, we also have ISO 140001 environmental certification. This standard allows us to position ourselves as socially responsible. Thanks to this certification, we have implemented an environmental management system in all aspects of the production process. We are aware of the ecological impacts of our activity, which has allowed us to implement corrective and mitigating measures that will enable us to reduce our environmental footprint. We also have a regular internal audit programme that will enable us to evaluate our impact and ensure continuous improvement.

Responsible energy use is critical for both the production chain and the environment. For this reason, we have implemented a quality energy policy that allows us to manage the energy aspects of our activity adequately. Finally, we are certified in ISO 50001 on energy management.

Thanks to this standard, we have achieved tangible and quantifiable savings in our energy costs. We have identified those aspects of the production process that consume the most energy, representing energy and economic drain, and we have applied measures to minimise this consumption.

In short, thanks to our ISO certifications, we have improved our production process to achieve quality results in all our products and with a reduced environmental impact. Thanks to the improvements in all production flows and our staff training, we manage to be sustainable at all levels.