Renewable Efficiency: Technological innovation in paper manufacturing for a sustainable world

At PAPRESA, we embark on an exciting journey towards sustainability through innovative technologies that are shaping the paper industry. We want to share how these innovations are shaping our commitment to eco-efficiency.

  • Advanced Classification Systems:

We optimize our classification systems to identify recyclable materials efficiently, improving the quality of our raw materials and reducing our environmental footprint.

  • Innovation in the OCC pasta preparation plant:

We innovate with a new feeding system and a new pulper with automatic wire cutter. Thanks to this new equipment, we can optimize the raw material treatment process and manage to reduce the amount of rejected fiber to the maximum.

  • Efficient Drying and Pressing:

We implement drying and pressing technologies powered by renewable energy, reducing production times and opting for an eco-friendly approach.

  • Water treatment:

We have a state-of-the-art water treatment system. With our new treatment plant we guarantee that the water used in our processes is treated effectively, complying with the most rigorous environmental standards.

  • Green Biogas Generation:

In our commitment to eco-efficiency, we take advantage of organic waste to generate green biogas. Through advanced anaerobic processes, we convert waste into a renewable source of energy, thus contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

  • Automation:

Automation and robotics are key in our pursuit of operational efficiency, from waste management to final packaging, optimizing each step of our process.

  • Quality Control with Digitalization 4.0:

We rely on real-time monitoring systems and quality controls. This data automation through the implementation of the LIMS streamlines all processes, thus achieving greater operational efficiency, productivity, improvement in the quality of the final product, traceability of results and compliance with industry regulations and standards.

We believe that the adoption of sustainable technologies not only improves our efficiency, but also strengthens our commitment to environmental sustainability. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a greener future, where each sheet of recycled paper tells the story of our commitment to caring for the environment.