¿What is ISEGA certificate?

At Papresa, quality is very important. That is why we have achieved the ISEGA certificate.

With this certification, we guarantee that our paper has been evaluated and approved for use in contact with food, complying with the safety and quality requirements established by the applicable legislation.

What does it mean to certify food contact papers?

Access to safe and nutritious food has always been of paramount importance to consumers around the world. However, changes in food preparation and consumption practices such as food packaging and food contact materials also play an important role in ensuring that food is nutritious and safe.

As a result, food contact paper packaging is subject to regulations in most major markets. These regulations ensure that packaging and materials that come into direct contact with food are not a source of harmful contaminants and protect food.

We have an added value that allows us to meet the highest standards of quality, continuous improvement in all production processes and strengthen the confidence of our customers.