We opened a new quality control laboratory at our facilities in Errentería

Last Thursday, coinciding with the visit of the Government Delegate and the Diputado Foral for Environment and Water Works, we opened our new laboratory. This new space will help us ensure the maximum quality of our products, and it is part of our transformation and improvement strategy.

This lab is divided into two spaces, each of which focused on a specific process. To ensure its durability and highest standards, we have used quality materials resistant to chemical use, like on the countertops, and all furniture has been certified.

First of all, we have installed a lab for quality control of our final products. It will enable us to test different paper samples and guarantee that they follow the highest standards and demands. The lab is equipped with a humidity and temperature control systems to guarantee the paper analysis. We have installed the best equipment to test basis weight (grammage), thickness, formation index, breaking length, tearing index, fibre orientation, optical characteristics, bursting, roughness, porosity, moisture, wax, SCT and CMT tests.

In the second part of the lab, we have put in place one area to test pulp and water (pH, temperature, turbidity, consistency, whiteness, sheet formation, and its characteristics, ash, dryness, moisture, schopper, stickies). Also, we perform systematic water analysis from our water treatment plant (pH, turbidity, consistency, COD, sulphates and sulfides control, etc.). Thanks to all those thorough controls, we can guarantee the parameters of our paper and ensure that all our processes have strict environmental supervision.

Thanks to this new facility, we will offer the best products to our clients.