The importance of a safe working environment at Papresa

Today, we chat with Mikel Askasibar, our Prevention Coordinator. We wanted to make special mention of the importance of a safe working environment on the occasion of World Health and Safety Day.

Mikel, what is the day-to-day management of an occupational health and safety and risk prevention officer?

At Papresa, we have integrated prevention and occupational risk management in all paper manufacturing processes. To this end, we develop and apply occupational safety procedures that comply with current regulations.

Our first step is to carry out a risk assessment in all areas of the mill. We identify potential hazards and assess the level of risk associated with each hazard. We then implement preventive measures to eliminate these risks.

How are these measures implemented?

We conduct training and awareness programmes for all employees. This includes the proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency procedures, product handling, among others.

Are work-related incidents monitored and recorded?

Of course, all incidents that may occur are thoroughly monitored. This allows us to analyse the causes of accidents and take measures to correct and prevent their recurrence.

What are the main challenges for an occupational health and safety officer?

There are several challenges that we have to address on an ongoing basis. One of them is to keep up to date on occupational safety standards that may change over time.

It is also very important to foster a safety culture in all departments of the company. This involves making all employees aware of the importance of following safety rules, reporting any problems or incidents and actively participating in identifying and mitigating risks.

What has been done at Papresa to be able to comply with the legal requirements for occupational safety?

We must ensure that we have adequate resources to implement and maintain our prevention and safety programmes. This includes investing in personal protective equipment, having an on-site infirmary, finding the most up-to-date and cutting-edge training courses, PPE adapted to the needs of each department…

What achievements have been made at Papresa in prevention and occupational safety?

One of the most important achievements has been to significantly reduce the rate of occupational incidents in recent years. Although the figures are minimal, our goal is to reach zero. With everyone’s good cooperation, we are on the right track.