New Laboratory Management System

One of our latest developments has been the implementation of the Laboratory Management System (LIMS). A software tool that helps us to manage and control the operations in our quality laboratory.

At Papresa, we remain committed to innovation in order to adapt to new needs and achieve continuous improvement in the quality of our products and processes.

We can centralise and streamline the handling of samples, test results, data management and other activities related to the operation of the laboratory, the documentation of our quality system and the dissemination of internal information.

Some of the highlights that we have been able to improve thanks to this new implementation are the following:

  • Sample management: identification, tracking and recording of paper samples and other related materials that are analysed in the laboratory.
  • Quality control: visual management of the results of the quality tests carried out in the laboratory, such as resistance, grammage, humidity, opacity, gloss, among others. This may include the comparison of the results with internal specifications and established standards.
  • Data management: storage and organisation of data generated by laboratory tests, including integration with measuring instruments and equipment used in the paper industry to automate data transfer.
  • Measuring equipment management: keeping a record of the equipment used in the laboratory, as well as controlling the calibration and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Reporting: automated generation of quality reports, production reports and other reports relevant to the paper industry. In addition to improving and facilitating the dissemination of results.

This automation of data through the implementation of LIMS streamlines all processes, thus achieving greater operational efficiency, productivity, improved quality of the final product, traceability of results and compliance with regulations and industry standards.

This has been made possible thanks to Orange Data‘s technology.