Interview with Itsaso Portela: Ensuring a Sustainable Future for Water

On World Water Day, we wanted to chat with Itsaso Portela, our head of the Water Treatment Plant. Itsaso offers us his vision on the importance of effective water treatment and how our plant is leading the way towards environmental sustainability.

What is your role as head of the water treatment plant?

My main responsibility is to ensure that our treatment system works optimally to purify the water used in our industrial processes. This involves overseeing the daily operation of the plant, ensuring that all environmental and water quality standards are met.

EDARI with cutting-edge technology. Could you explain to us how this debugging system works and what its main benefits are?

Our treatment plant uses a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes to effectively treat water. Each stage of the process is designed to remove contaminants ensuring that the treated water meets the most rigorous standards. The main benefits of this technology include greater efficiency in contaminant removal and a significant reduction in the environmental impact of our operations.

Path towards environmental sustainability. How do you think effective water treatment contributes to the conservation of this vital resource?

Water is an essential resource on our planet. By treating water effectively, we not only protect the environment, but also conserve this resource for future generations. We carry out daily monitoring of control and consumption parameters and reuse water whenever possible. We continue working to improve these points continuously, giving a more sustainable approach to its use.

With growing concerns about climate change and water scarcity, how do you see the role of companies in responsible water management?

Companies have an important responsibility in responsible water management. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, it is crucial that we actively seek ways to minimize our impact. This may involve investments in advanced treatment technologies, water conservation programs, and collaborations with local communities to promote sustainable water management practices.

What message do you want to convey on this World Water Day?

My message to everyone is that water is a precious resource that we must protect and conserve. Each of us can make a difference by adopting responsible water use practices in our daily lives.