Internship programmes for future talents

Papresa is a company made up of dozens of professionals who give their best every day to achieve our goals. Thanks to their talent and dedication, we can continue to be leaders in newsprint production throughout southern Europe. That is why, for years, we have been committed to the training and integration of trainees, as it allows us to discover, recruit and train young talent.

Our headquarters are located close to several training centres specialised in industrial and business fields, with which we maintain close relationships. For example, we have collaboration agreements with the School of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business of Gipuzkoa, dependent on the University of the Basque Country, with the University of Deusto, with the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and the International University of La Rioja. We also maintain close contact with the Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional Usurbill LHII, Don Bosco LHII, Nazaret Zentroa, IES Toki Ona or the EASO Politeknikoa.

Work placements for the professional future

Thus, we collaborate with regulated, non-regulated and university training centres to find students who want hands-on-the-job learning. We offer them curricular and compulsory internships to obtain credits or spend a summer doing non-curricular internships to help them find their vocation or prepare them for their future careers. When an internship student joins our staff, they focus on an exciting project that allows them to get to know the company’s activity in the most realistic way possible and make their first contact with the working world. The success of this immersion is that many internship students decide to continue with us and present an improvement project with Papresa in their Final Degree Project (TFG).

Our reception and support process is constant and comprehensive. Our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives are to generate stable and quality employment and carry out continuous training sessions that help our employees improve in all possible professional areas. Although it is true that, in some cases, it is quite a challenge, as each of the students requires a mentor figure from the company to dedicate some time to them, apart from their regular tasks.

Support from public institutions is key

All this is possible thanks to the support of the public institutions that advocate labour insertion. This year, the Basque Government and the University of the Basque Country have granted us two vacancies in transition grants, for a total of 360 hours each and a maximum working day of 6 hours, with each student being paid a total of 1,500 euros. This initiative is very well received, and we receive many applications. We also collaborate with the job placement service of the Basque Employment Service, Lanbide, with the Hezilan programme.

At the end of the year, the figures speak for themselves and show us the importance of taking future workers into account in the future of our company. So far this year, 16 students have completed or are currently completing internships, 5 of whom have already been hired. If we go back to 2016, 70 students have worked in our company, and many of them are already part of our permanent staff. For us, working with the employees of the future is key to helping them achieve their best.