Algeposa to take over logistic services for Papresa

Leading southern European manufacturer of newsprint and largest independent packaging manufacturer Papresa has signed an agreement with Algeposa for the management of its logistics and warehousing services.

“We are very pleased to be counting on the expertise and experience of an operator such as Algeposa. The services that this agreement will provide to us will be an important tool to successfully face the challenges that are arising in the current context in terms of flexibility, quality and costs”, says Miguel Sánchez, President and CEO of Papresa and which is currently undergoing a strategic business transformation plan.

According to María Luisa Guibert, CEO of Algeposa: “We are proud to be trusted by Papresa to develop this long-term project, which will provide a strong boost to the local economy. It is an example of joining forces between two local companies that are benchmarks in each of their sectors”.

ALGEPOSA to take over logistic services for PAPRESA
María Luisa Guibert, CEO of Algeposa, and Miguel Sánchez, President and CEO of Papresa, during the signature of the agreement

Strategic plan and culture of change

In 2021, Papresa has started an ambitious investment aimed at implementing its new strategic plan. The plan is to focus on the production of paper for the packaging segment, without giving up newsprint and includes the construction of a new OCC plant, the conversion of the PM5 machine – by the German company Voith – for the production of packaging paper as well as the construction of a plant with anaerobic water treatment technology, to be integrated into the factory, that will generate biogas to be reused as fuel for the steam boilers used in paper production.

According to Miguel Sánchez: “This transformation, which is a consequence of the demand decrease in the newsprint market and of sustained growth in the packaging paper sector, implies a deep cultural change at an operational level. A change that this agreement with Algeposa will help us to manage much easily”.

In order to carry out this project, Algeposa will build four specialized warehouses for paper reels, with a total space of approximately 9,000sqm located in our Lezo facilities. We will also invest in state-of-the-art machinery to carry out this work at both Papresa’s and Algeposa’s facilities. At the same time, this project will lead to a significant job creation process to benefit the area”, adds María Luisa Guibert.