Aia Bag GreenKraft, 100% recycled paper for e-commerce and supermarket bags

Today we present Aia Bag GreenKraft, our new quality of 100% recycled and highly resistant paper for supermarket and e-commerce bags. Due to its characteristics, GreenKraft can compete with papers made with virgin fiber.

Our papers have the ISEGA certificate for food contact, in addition to PEFC and FSC Recycled.

What makes Aia Bag GreenKraft so special?

  • 100% recycled bags: Every fibre in Aia Bag GreenKraft comes from recycled material. For this characteristics, competes with papers made with virgin fiber. In this way we minimize the environmental impact on our forests.
  • Resistance and durability: Our GreenKraft bag paper maintains the strength and durability required to transport products with full guarantee. High performance paper.
  • Normative compliance: Manufactured in accordance with environmental regulations and standards: FSC, PEFC, EMAS, 9001, 14001 and 50001.
  • Food contact certificate: Our paper has the ISEGA certificate for food contact. With this certification, we guarantee that our paper has been evaluated and approved for use in contact with food, complying with the safety and quality requirements established by legislation.
  • Impression: Our paper offers an excellent surface for printing. Excellent runnability to optimize the production process. This ensures that supermarkets can maintain their brand identity and communicate effectively.
  • Circular Economy: By using our paper, supermarkets and consumers participate actively in a circular economy, promoting reuse and recycling materials for a more sustainable future.

Aia Bag GreenKraft, the ecological choice in supermarket bags and e-commerce.