A new start for Papresa

In October 2020, Quantum Capital Partners took over Papresa to mark a turning point for the hundred-year-old company that was starting a new period full of projects, hope and development.

Papresa, the leader in newsprint production in southern Europe, has been taken over by the industrial investment group Quantum Capital Partners to implement an integral industrial transformation plan to expand its range to include other growing products.

Papresa is a company with a long tradition in the paper sector, the eighth production company in Spain with a capacity to process 375,000 tonnes of paper a year, and an enthusiastic workforce of 222 people ready to start out on the new path of this great paper production company.

For Papresa, this means a new period of improvements and development, including investments of several million euros in which it will work to expand the current range of products, promote internationalisation towards APAC, and increase its sales network in Europe.

Among other projects, Papresa is to commence a conversion programme towards kraft paper to expand its product portfolio and focus on a fast-growing market. This market is promoted by the e-commerce industry, which seeks to reduce the use of plastic and improve sustainability. This is to take place without abandoning newsprint, its great area of expertise.

Heading this ambitious project is Miguel Sánchez as the CEO. Miguel Sánchez is a professional with extensive experience in the sector and former CEO of Barcelona Cartonboard, a company that belonged to the Quantum Group until 2018, where he headed a successful recovery process to make the company profitable again and expand its commercial presence.

In his own words, the goal of Quantum in taking over Papresa and its mission is to take it to the next level, increasing its international presence and its client portfolio, and becoming much more environmentally sustainable. It has the excellent Papresa workforce to assist in this, a capable team with great experience, which has been kept on entirely to meet the goals of this new period.

Quantum also seeks to turn Papresa into the leader in environmental sustainability in the sector through a strategy of sustainable growth and investments aimed at optimising the environmental efficiency of all the company’s processes.

Over the coming months, Papresa will change in order to face these exciting challenges: growing, developing, improving, and doing everything in a sustainable, environment-friendly way.

Discover the new Papresa.