View of the popularly named La Papelera Bridge over the Oiartzun River, circa 1960
Current view of the La Papelera Bridge


1868 The "VASCO-BELGA" company began producing paper in Errenteria.
1901 LA PAPELERA ESPAÑOLA S.A. was incorporated in Bilbao with three plants, one of which was the VASCO-BELGA facility in Errenteria. At that point it had two paper machines (MP1 and MP2), using mechanical pulp from pine trunks as raw materials.
1912 A third paper machine (MP3) was added at the Errenteria plant to replace the previous two.
1931 The Association of Paper Manufacturers for Newsprint set up a new paper machine (MP4) in Errenteria, owned by PAPELERA DE OARSO.
1954 LA PAPELERA ESPAÑOLA absorbed PAPELERA DE OARSO, and took over both machines (MP3 and MP4).
1964 A steam generator was added, powered by fuel oil. The internal thermal power plant was introduced.
1965 A new paper machine was introduced (MP5).
1988-1990 The plant underwent an industrial reconversion process. An investment package made improvements to machines MP4 and MP5, and to the manufacture of pulp and the energy process (a new steam generating boiler was introduced, using fuel oil-bark or natural gas-bark).
1991 The DIP1 De-inking Plant began operations at the former location of paper machines MP1 and MP2. The plant's function was to supply the MP5 machine exclusively with de-inked pulp from recycled paper.
1993 Incorporation of PAPRESA S.A. as a spin-off from LA PAPELERA ESPAÑOLA S.A. It began independent operations in October 1993. It used the mechanical pulp plant, the DIP1 de-inking facility, the thermal power plant and the MP3, MP4 and MP5 paper machines.
2002 The MP4 underwent a full overhaul, and the new DIP3 de-inking plant was built.
2004 PAPRESA undertook its largest investment ever by building a new paper machine (MP6), which doubled plant production capacity.
2005 Modifications were made to the steam turbine to boost production of cogeneration electrical power.
2007 The Alfonso Gallardo Group bought up 100% of PAPRESA's shares.
2014 PAPRESA was purchased by investment group KKR.