Exterior image of the factory with the river and the Trash Bridge


PAPRESA is a company that produces newsprint paper from recovered wastepaper, which is located in the Gipuzkoan town of Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), at a distance of less than 15 km from the French border and connected with the seaport of Pasajes.

Paper activity started in this site 150 years ago. During these years, the environmental impact of the activity in the site where is located has been decreasing, because, while both the size and the productive capacity of the installation have increased substantially, the modern technologies adopted and the numerous efforts made by PAPRESA over the years (construction of the collector in the early 80's to prevent pouring water to the River, multiple measures aimed to reduce the noise levels generated, the use of only natural gas at the boiler and recycled paper as main raw material, etc.), have achieved a total integration into the environment.

In July 2014, the Group Investor KKR acquired ownership of PAPRESA.

For the production process, there are the following plants and units:

  • 2 deinking plants (DIP2 and DIP3).
  • 3 paper machines (MP4, MP5 and MP6).
  • 1 wnergy production plant.
  • 1 water treatment plant.

The production capacity of the plant is over 1000 TPD of paper.

Image of recycling

2 deinking plants

Image of coil roll

3 paper machines

Image of a ray

1 energy production plant

Image of a drop of water held by a hand

1 water treatment plant


Image of the machine VI


Final product of coil of machine VI